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Legally speaking, why is contemplation required in choosing right relative of an incompetent patient while taking consent, permissions, etc?

Can patient care and documentation turn out to be legal trouble for the treating doctor if the patient happens to be a doctor or a relative?

What are the chances of legal issues when two different surgeries are performed by two doctors under same anaesthesia?

In case of surgeries / therapies where recurrence is common, what steps should a doctor take to keep allegations of negligence at bay?

Can a doctor refer to or rely upon the reports of investigations done by the patient earlier or at another facility?

Patient gives one history to the doctor and alleges another before the court. What precautions must the doctor care in this regard?

What precautions must be taken as far as communicating with relatives / attendants of ICU patients is concerned?

What must a doctor do when there is any delay, refusal, or deficiency on the part of the patient/attendants?

What is the legally correct protocol in surgeries / procedures that can be performed by two or more specialities?

What is the legally correct approach in choosing an appropriate investigation when multiple options are available?

Is there any legal bar on specialists / super-specialists from accepting and managing patients / conditions that can be accepted and managed by a MBBS doctor?

Is it legally imperative to consult the family / personal physician of the patient in each and every case?

Does patient’s history play any role in cases of medical negligence that reach the courts?

What should be done to avoid future legal trouble when a patient is discharged but the investigation reports are awaited?

What should a doctor do before taking an important / critical / risky medical decision to be legally safer?

Does law prohibit doctors in any way from using short-forms / abbreviations in writing medical records?

Is it mandatory by law to follow instructions mentioned in the drug insert?

What are legally correct steps to take when patients refuse to accept best medical practice and opts for an alternative?

What precautions are necessary to avoid legal tangles before performing multi-stage surgeries?

Whose consent is legally valid? Can patient’s any relative give the consent?

Legally speaking, what precautions must a doctor take when taking a risk / deviating from standard or acceptable practice during an emergency procedure?

What precautions can a doctor take about the prescriptions / medical records that are handed over to the patients?

Is a surgeon legally bound to provide post-surgery care to the patient?

Is it legally mandatory to have a crisis management plan in place for unexpected complications and emergencies?

What precautions must doctors take when relying on reports of radiologists / sonologists / pathologists?

What precautions should a doctor exercise while treating AIDS / HIV patients that need emergency care?

Is it legally mandatory to read and follow instructions accompanying a drug, before prescribing it to patient?

What are the liabilities of doctors practicing in a hospital and that of doctors practicing privately?

In case of a dilemma, what should a doctor do for better understanding of the 'accepted medical practice'?

Is extra caution required in choosing the hospital for admitting one's patients?

Legally speaking, what steps must be taken after arriving at a provisional / differential diagnosis, that is before a definite diagnosis is made?

What are the legal implications if a doctor fails to revise diagnosis when treatment is not working or if there are complications?

Is it imperative for doctors to arrive at a final diagnosis before starting the treatment?

Does medical history of the patient have any role to play in legal proceedings?

Are there any legal implications if a doctor documents prescription, advice, etc. on a plain piece of paper?

Does law prescribe a time frame for doctors / hospitals to provide copies of medical records to patients?

Does law hold a doctor / hospital negligent simply because a patient suffers post-operative complications?

Is it mandatory to document follow-up advice especially while managing post-operative complications?

What are the implications for miscommunication, legal and otherwise?

What precautions must be taken in discharging a patient against medical advice (DAMA / LAMA)?

Is it legally necessary to record the advice for investigations in the internal medical records of the doctor / hospital also?

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Pregnant women with low serum 25(0H)
In CAP, AECB, Lung Abscess & Pleuritis
In Diarrhoea due to bacteria and protozoa
Treatment of Osteoarthristis of the Knee
Ideal Supplement in CA - LRTI
More than half of women in India 55% has anemia...
Pregnant women with low serum 25(0H)
In CAP, AECB, Lung Abscess & Pleuritis
In Diarrhoea due to bacteria and protozoa
Treatment of Osteoarthristis of the Knee
Ideal Supplement in CA - LRTI
More than half of women in India 55% has anemia...

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